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First Drafts, Conversations, Stories in Progress

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I recall the first time I heard someone in New York talk excitedly about plans to “go to Coachella.” I thought.

The Coachella I had known while growing up in the vicinity was a small desert town where irrigation made farming possible, and where the crops ranged from rows of vegetables to groves of citrus and date-palm trees. Under the blasting desert sun, its motto—“The City of Eternal Sunshine”—seemed a literally accurate description, except maybe for the nighttime hours. Every year the next-door town of Indio would hold the National Date Festival, where events included naming a Queen Scheherazade and her court. (That tradition continues: here’s the current queen , Keanna Garcia.) During Cesar Chavez’s heyday as an organizer, his United Farm Workers led a number of strikes and other actions among the mainly Latino work force in the area.

So to me, the name Coachella had always meant “date palms” and “farm-workers’ efforts.” But over the past 20 years, it has come to mean “Music Festival” to much of the world. In fact, the web address Giorgio Armani Lace Flounce Dress Buy Cheap Purchase 9kRSsxIhb
takes you directly to festival information, rather than to a municipal site.

This tension—Coachella the real place, where struggles for economic and environmental progress have been waged for decades, versus Coachella the stylish venue toward which festival-goers are flocking right now—is the theme of an intriguing new “story map” produced by the novelist Kate Spade New York Jacquard KneeLength Dress w/ Tags Pre Order Online PYeaYnXX
, the photographer Elie Tahari Virgin Wool KneeLength Skirt Visit Sale Online AH5up8kvDL
, and our friends* at the corporation, of Redlands, California. The map is , and a few details about it are after the jump.

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grew up in Riverside, California, in the same county as Coachella, and still lives there. She has written novels mainly set in inland California— was the first of them I read and admired. She wrote the narrative for Chromat Bouloux Biker Shorts Store Sale Online Good Selling eT4E9d
,” to accompany the dramatic pictures by Douglas McCulloh and the sequence of aerial photography and illustrated, interpretive maps. The narrative is organized around intersections of Coachella’s “president” streets, named for presidents from Washington onward.

In the description of the woman in the photo above, Straight writes:

And, another photo, of Jose Arroyo preparing fencing for the music festival:

The whole production is very much worth checking out — above all, if you’re at the festival, have been before, are considering going in the future, or are at this moment getting off a plane at the Palm Springs airport, Coachella-bound. Congrats for this view of Americana to Susan Straight, Douglas McCulloh, Allen Carroll of Esri, and their colleagues and collaborators.

* For the record, about “our friends” at Esri: For many years I’ve known the founders of Esri, Jack and Laura Dangermond, whose historic $165 million gift to preserve a huge stretch of coastal land in California I wrote about several months ago . Allen Carroll and others at Esri also worked with me and my wife, Deb, on maps for early posts in our “American Futures” series in the , which led to our forthcoming book

At Brown Date Garden, palmeros will climb the date palms and put paper bags on the ripening fruit in August. This part of the valley is called One Hundred Palms, and the palmeros will go up one hundred feet of ladder with the paper bags, in one-hundred degree weather. In March, they’ve just finished the harvest, cutting each heavy bunch of dates with a knife fashioned out of steel, lowering each bunch on a hook to a man waiting at the bottom.

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Developer /

Prerequisite: Before you start, we recommend you use an existing OAuth 2.0 library, or one of our official libraries .


So you want to authenticate your app to access a user’s Vimeo content via the Vimeo API. Cool. The Vimeo API uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate applications, so all you need to do is:

Note: If you want to embed your own videos on your own website (and only use Vimeo for transcoding and hosting services), you do not need to use the API to authenticate your application. All you need to do is generate a new token from your Marni Wool Mini Skirt Footlocker Finishline For Sale Shop d2b3G12
and include it in your application. This is a special case in which you are both the end-user and the application owner. And because you’re special, you can skip the rest of this document.

Authentication Workflow

Vimeo API applications need to provide authentication information using one of the following two OAuth 2.0 workflows:

Generate unauthenticated tokens

To get an unauthenticated access token, you should make an HTTP POST request to , along with an authorization header and some parameters.

You can build the authorization header with your client ID and client secret:

Note: Vimeo will automatically delete tokens that have not been used for an extended period of time. If your API calls are months apart you might need to create a new token.

Generate authenticated tokens

Send your user to Vimeo

The first step of the redirect process is to send the user's client (browser) to This is generally accomplished by providing the authorize URL as a link on a web page.

The user will have the option to accept or deny your app’s request to access their account, and to deny any of the scopes you requested (except for public).

Note: When the user clicks the link, they must first log in to Vimeo to authenticate their identity unless they are already logged in.

Implicit Grant Workflow

Once the user has accepted your app in the implicit grant workflow they will be immediately redirected to your with three values in the URL fragment (after the #)


If your is , your final redirect may look something like this:

Note: Parameters added to your redirect url will be respected, but the fragment will be stripped out. will become

Once you have the token from the Implicit grant you are ready to go. Refer to Making Requests for how to use the token to make API requests. If you are using the Authorization Grant, please refer to the docs on the Authorization Grant .

Authorization Grant Workflow

If the user accepts your app, they are redirected to your redirect_uri along with two query parameters:

Exchange the code for an access token

When the user returns to your site, you must exchange the code for your access token. Make an HTTP POST request to with your authorization header, and the following parameters.

The authorization header can be built with your client id and client secret:

Receiving the Access Token in the Authentication Response

If the authorization is valid, the API will send a final authentication response containing the access token along with some additional fields. Now the application is authorized! It may use the token to access the user's account via the Vimeo API, limited to the actions allowed by the token scope , until the token expires or is revoked.

Note: Vimeo will automatically delete tokens that have not been used for an extended period of time. If your API calls are months apart you might need to create a new token.

Best Practices

Making Requests

After you have either an authenticated or unauthenticated access token (as explained in the preceding sections), send the access token through the authorization header:

If your access token only has the public scope you can use the query string parameter instead of the authorization header

Supported Scopes

Choose your authentication workflow:
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

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Last Updated: October 2016 using School and Appraisal Districts' Property Value Study 2015 Final Findings (Certified to the Commissioner of Education August 2016). Update reflects statutorily revised limitation amounts for many Subchapter C school districts, effective Jan. 1, 2017.

The school district category designations and minimum values in this listing are provided as a service. The Comptroller's office has made every effort to ensure that this listing is accurate, but you should check to ensure that you are using the correct value as required by law before entering into a value limitation agreement. These designations and values are subject to change.

Tax Code Chapter 313 provides that the required number of qualifying jobs, amount of investment and the minimum amount of the value limitation vary according to whether the school district is considered rural (subject to Subchapter C) or non-rural (subject to Subchapter B), and according to the amount of taxable property value in the school district.

Districts become subject to Subchapter C either because of their demographic characteristics (having territory in a county with population under 50,000, and a county in which, from 2000 to 2010 according to the federal decennial census, the population remained the same, decreased or increased, but at a rate of not more than the average rate of increase in the state during that period), or because the school district has territory in a county that qualifies as a Strategic Investment Area (SIA).


The following is a list of counties that qualify as Strategic Investment Areas (SIAs) for the tax year 2018.

Tax Code Section 313.022 categorizes non-rural school districts according to the taxable value of all property in the district for the preceding tax year determined by the Texas Comptroller, as follows:

For each category of school district established by Section 313.022, the corresponding minimum amount of a qualified investment under Section 313.023 is as follows:

Tax Code Chapter 313, Subchapter C, applies only to a school district that has territory in: a strategic investment area, as defined under Section 313.051, or in a county: (1) that has a population of less than 50,000 and (2) in which, from 2000 to 2010, according to the federal decennial census, the population: (A) remained the same; (B) decreased; or (C) increased, but at a rate of not more than the average rate of increase in the state during that period.

View this table:
Table 1

Symptom diary. For each symptom choose the degree of affectation in the last 24 hours, according to the following Table of Codes.

Secondary endpoints

Adverse events in the two study groups.

Antibiotic consumption. This information was collected in the symptom diaries and also by the pharmacy units of the different healthcare systems.

Patient satisfaction with healthcare by means of a questionnaire with a Likert scale.

Patient belief in the effectiveness of antibiotics by means of a questionnaire with a Likert scale.

Complications related to the RTIs were registered during the first 3 months after randomisation. As in the recent study by Gulliford et al , we considered the cases of pneumonia, empyema, peritonsillar abscess, mastoiditis, otitis media, bacterial meningitis and intracranial abscess. 40 These complications were prospectively recorded by the GPs by means of a standardised questionnaire and were reported within a maximum of 48 hours to the study clinical coordinator, who reported to the Safety and Data Monitoring Committee, which assessed the safety of the two strategies.

Sample size calculation

Excellence guidelines for the treatment of RTIs included estimates of average duration of the illness (before and after seeing a doctor) of 1 week for acute sore throat, one and a half weeks for rhinosinusitis, including common cold and 3 weeks for acute cough or bronchitis. Balenciaga Casual KneeLength Skirt Clearance Marketable Geniue Stockist Cheap Price Cheap Sale Original Cheap Sale Cheapest Price Vt6ca
In a recent study on the effectiveness of delayed prescribing strategies carried out in Spain, the mean duration of severe symptoms in uncomplicated acute RTIs including acute sore throat, rhinosinusitis and acute bronchitis, among patients not treated with antibiotics was 4.7 days (SD of 3.6). Moschino Jeans Short Sleeve ButtonUp Top Cheap Sale Manchester Great Sale ajDYQpf
Considering a reduction of 1 day in the duration of severe symptoms as a clinically relevant outcome, with a bilateral approximation, a sample of 240 patients per group was able to detect this difference with an alpha error of 5% and a power of 80% (beta=0.2), considering 15% of losses (based on the percentage of patients who did not return symptom diaries in a previous study). 39 In terms of the number of investigators to be included in this clinical trial, we anticipated that over a 2-year period each GP wouldinclude 32 patients. Thus, we are planning to invite 15 GPs from 10 different healthcare centres.

The patients were randomised to one of the two treatment strategies. Baseline data were collected in the clinic by the physician or with the help of the nursing staff. To standardise data collection, all of the participating healthcare professionals were trained by the coordinating centre. Only experienced GPs (those who have worked for 15–25 years) and those who feel comfortable with the design of the study participated in the study. This was achieved by the administration of a questionnaire with clinical questions, recommendations of local guidelines and vignettes to check if they were confident and comfortable with the strategy of stopping an already commenced antibiotic course. The patients received information on the study and, if they were interested in participating, they provided with an informed consent form to read and sign. A maximum length of 15–20 min was expected for the interview and the introduction of the data. The study scheme and the visit programme were explained to the patient ( table 2 ). GPs filled out a screening log with all the patients who met all the inclusion criteria and none of the exclusion criteria regardless of whether the patients consent to participate or not. This allowed us to evaluate the percentage of patients who accepted to participate in the trial and determined the reasons why they did not wish to participate if they refuse.